wheels and couplers

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wheels and couplers

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Getting ready to move and close out my shop. So thinning out all my projects and parts, even locomotives.

These are all super high quality castings and parts:

- 24 total wheels availble. 6” diameter spoked, 3/4” tread (1 1/8” overall). cast iron by Cattails foundry. Flanges can be turned down to run on 7.5” gauge track, or machined for 3” scale, park gauge, 12# rail. $50/ea, OBO.

- 7.5” gauge truck frames and 5” wheels. 4 Bettendorf cast iron side frames (8 side frames total), journal boxes, and 5 1/2” diameter x1” tread wheels - not sure who made these frames. They are maybe 30 -40+ years old, nicely detailed and in very good condition. No casting marks. Likely part of the original Hawaiian Live Steamers railroad established on Oahu in the late 1970’s.

Reduced to $150/truck (2 frames, journal boxes, 4wheels)

- 4 sets Ottaway Style truck side frames (8 side frames). Laser cut, 1/4” steel plate. Designed for 4 bolt side bearings. These are exact duplicates of the 2.5” scale 12” gauge, Ottaway stem locomotive riding car trucks. Frames measure 15” long, 5” tall. So could be used for 12” gauge of 7.5” narrow gauge rolling stock.

Last winter I picked them in phosphoric acid (OSPHO) to remove mill scale and prevent rusting. Hence the “Patina” in the photos.

$75/frame set (2 frames per set).

- 10 each spoked wheels, 8” diameter 1.5” tread width, finished machined. Originally made for 5” scale 15” gauge 4-4-0 coal tender and 2 wheel pilot truck. $125 each.

Please note, I also have probably 8 curved spoke wheels shown in the lower right edge of the picture. These are Sandley light Railway Co wheels, designed to sweat on steel tread. These are also available, but I need to sit out the rest of the wheels to ensure total count: $70 each.
3 each, cast bronze 1.5” scale link and pin style couplers. $50/each. I might have one more somewhere in the shop- can’t imagine why I would buy only 3… if I find it, I’ll update the post… :roll:

3 sets old school 1.6” scale couplers. $35/set.

All located in the Seattle area. I can package and ship via UPS or fed Ex.

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