Cylinder Bore After 28 Years

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Cylinder Bore After 28 Years

Post by pat1027 » Sun May 02, 2021 9:25 am

Out of curiosity I took a cylinder head cover off to see what the bore looked like. The locomotive went on the road in 1992. I don't think anyone has looked inside since they were assembled. The cylinders were fabricated using centrifugal cast iron pipe for the cylinder bore. The piston rings are overlapping iron rings from a hydraulic cylinder rebuild kit.

The bore has a glossy green color. It looks like faint bit of corrosion in the bore.

A few score marks and I am not sure what the white mark was from. You cannot feel them with your finger. Comparing the un-swept area of the bore with the center there is .002" of wear.

I found a bit of carbon on the cylinder cover. I expected to find a gasket of some kind between the cylinder and cylinder head. There was just a thin coat of anti-seize.

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Re: Cylinder Bore After 28 Years

Post by NP317 » Sun May 02, 2021 9:31 am

Looks good after all those years.

Similarly, I looked inside the bores of my 16 year-old Ten Wheeler this winter. Cast iron cylinders, bronze pistons, and iron piston rings.
The bronze surface sheen is interesting, and may be a color artifact from the camera.

This cylinder experienced lubrication failures in its life, thus the linear lines from the "squeaking" I heard. The cylinder surface is smooth with visual markings only.
However, no wear of note, and I put it back together for more fun.
Remarkable machines.

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