Software Upgrade Done! (mostly)

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Software Upgrade Done! (mostly)

Post by dorin »

The update is mostly done.
There are some odds and ends that need to be finished, but it is far enough along to turn back on.
Many of the old styles are no longer available. If you would like a new style, post which one, and I will see what I can do.
Also, the lightbox extension is not installed yet, so the pictures will just be the thumbnail and the full size..
I expect to get that working this weekend.

I thought it best to get some of the bugs worked out, before finishing up!
Thank you for your continued patience.

I am going to start at about 9:00 am CST.
Please be patient!
You may see error messages and whatnot throughout the morning. (I hope it is not all day!)

I am gathering materials and reading! The update will happen sometime in the next few hours if all goes well.

I will be doing a software upgrade either Friday morning or Saturday morning.
I am not quite sure about my schedule.
I will make a final posting an hour or so before I start.

When I do start, upgrades have taken as long as 4 hours in the past...but let us hope it goes quicker than that!
I will do my best to keep the disruption as small as possible.

I appreciate your understanding!
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Re: Software Upgrade Comming

Post by NP317 »

And we appreciate your maintaining this website for our collective benefit!
Thank you.
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