1.5" scale working Pyle National Generator Type K2

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1.5" scale working Pyle National Generator Type K2

Post by NZsteamer » Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:08 am

I have for sale a fully functional Pyle National turbo Generator Type K2 in 1.5" scale.
This incorporates a 12 volt voltage regulator.
This is made using my highly detailed lost wax castings which I have turned into a working item. The detailing has been reproduced from both the full size items along with reference to the Pyle National service manual.
Internally they have a hardened shaft on roller bearings, with a bronze turbine driving a 3 phase brushless alternator which is rectified and fed to a built in voltage regulator set for 12V DC. You have a 12V positive and negative connection at the alternator door which can be opened just as the full size does. The steam supply line is 1/8". The turbine starts to spin with around 30psi and is producing full voltage at about 50psi and up.
I would recommend a displacement type oil supply for these as they are spinning very fast and a little lube certainly helps through the turbine.
I am asking US$2000 per item for these which includes tracked shipping worldwide.
If you look at the Birkshire Modelers 1/8 scale 2-8-4 group on facebook you will see one of these fitted to the locomotive in Jack Bodenmanns shop as posted by Jim Kreider. They were so happy with the first unit they have recently purchased another unit to be fitted to a different locomotive.
You will also see on this locomotive a turbine unit supplied by me mated up to an alternator on the right side of the locomotive.
Contact me at frances_chris@xtra.co.nz
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