Atlas 10X36 lathe Dexter, Kentucky

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Jim Davis
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Atlas 10X36 lathe Dexter, Kentucky

Post by Jim Davis » Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:14 pm

10" Atlas metal lathe. Very good condition. 36" between centers. Has been disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, adjusted and lubed. Has great 1/2 HP 110V motor with new bearings and new capacitor. Has new belts, all handles and full set of change gears.

Decent 3-jaw universal chuck. Very little slack in cross feed and compound. Has dead centers and generic face plate. Has new drive belts. Motor mount/countershaft bracket was cracked, now nickel welded. Later horizontal countersft bracket available. Guessing the half-nuts have about half their life left. I had them out and swapped top for bottom so the normal carriage feed will push on the less-used side of the threads. Lead screw looks good.

Lathe operates in all feed directions.

Has lantern type tool post and one cut-off holder with bit. Also has block tool holder that accepts Armstrong holder, 3/8 HS bits and 3/4" boring barr

I rebuilt the countershaft V-pulley by making a new hub and disk and epoxying the disk to the side of the small step. Pulley runs true but I have never used epoxy on Zamak so have no prediction of durablity.

Over all, lathe is in very good condition. If I had space (and were not 72 years old) I would keep it. $1,500
tv54 a.jpg
tv54 b.jpg
TV54 back.jpg
tv54 carriage.jpg
tv54 pulley.jpg
tool block 1.jpg

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