Vulcan Scrap Metal, Stamford, CT

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Vulcan Scrap Metal, Stamford, CT

Post by SteveM » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:24 pm

You never know what you are going to find at Vulcan. One day, you'll find the machines to make integrated circuits, the next day, a 24" Delta disc sander.

Sometimes the prices can be weird, like several hundred for a Bridgeport step pulley J-head (just the head) missing the motor and a lot of parts.

Huge assortment of brass, aluminum, steel, stainless, plastic, fasteners, bearings, casters, cast iron radiators, surplus electronics.

The sign outside looks like a missile:
The reason it has the flat mounting plate is that decades ago, they had the shop across the street and this was bolted to the side of the building.

You can see a lot of pictures on their facebook page:

Oh, and if you start out at one end of the yard and see the owner, and then you go to the other end and he's already there, it's because they are twins. Haven't figured which is the good one and which is the evil one. :-)


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