7 Rivers Surplus, Hokah, MN

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7 Rivers Surplus, Hokah, MN

Post by SteveM » Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:20 pm

7 Rivers has everything from new hand tools to used machines, tooling, hardware, electric motors, welding equipment and supplies, buffing and grinding wheels, work gloves, electrical supplies and banding equipment.


(note - do not use the old website; it has been hijacked).

I like to get over there when I am in the area. Always something interesting in there. You'll never know what you will find.

Just came back with a fistfull of T-nuts that fit the Pratt & Whitney mill for a buck each.

7 Rivers Surplus
Several drill presses
Morse taper shank drills, all sorted by size
Hardinge lathe
Vises, including the occasional Kurt

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