US Department of Energy Museums

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US Department of Energy Museums

Post by SteveR » Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:52 pm

Well, some of it is live steam - just nuclear powered. ... blic-tours

The Department supports five major museums located at or near DOE field sites:

•American Museum of Science and Energy, Oak Ridge Tennessee
•Bradbury Science Museum, Los Alamos, New Mexico
•Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology, Richland, Washington
•National Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada
•The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Experimental Breeder Reactor-1, at the Idaho National Laboratory outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho, is open to the public

the control room and reactor face of the X-10 Graphite Reactor located on the campus of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, are accessible via public bus tour offered by DOE's Oak Ridge Office.

At the Hanford Site near Richland, Washington, the Department offers public bus tours of the B Reactor, the world's first full-scale plutonium production reactor, and other historical properties on the site. The tour includes a 75-minute guided walking tour of the B Reactor

Twice a year, the U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range opens to visitors the Trinity Site, where the world's first atomic test device was exploded in 1945. DOE's Nevada Site Office offers day-long tours of the Nevada National Security Site, formerly the Nevada Test Site, outside Las Vegas, Nevada, on a monthly basis.
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