No More Tanks Of Welding Gas Needed (This Is Too Cool)

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Re: No More Tanks Of Welding Gas Needed (This Is Too Cool)

Post by steamin10 » Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:12 am

HV: The hose I use was provided by the gas house, and is a simple rubber HP hose with oxy fits on either end, about 3 feet long. Such transfer hoses are common in small use situation like Air Conditioning pony sets, where the nurse bottles are regularly topped off at home base. The warning I got from the get-go, was to always slowly open the downstream bottle first, and then fully open the valve, to remove restriction. Then crack the high pressure bottle until flow starts. This prevents the small hose area from getting a pressure spike that causes over heating. Of course there are temperature changes in the bottles by the gas laws.

Oldnew: I do not accept your apology, ( non necessary) only to invite further input on this board, as I would rather have healthy discussion of minute points of interest, than any contest over authority. Reasoned and contrary views can and do expose flaws in thinking, and the material dangers they represent. Since this board is focused to help motivated home guys, we do some strange things as work arounds, tricks and cheats, if you will. Doing so eliminates the cost of buying things we dont have access to, or limited need of. It is the 'git 'er done' spirit that I personally invite you to join in the conversation.

I also have the problem of translating ideas into the Kings English, and requires the understanding of how big is BIG, when explaining things. You are not alone in that.

I have a bucket full of horror stories, involving, diving, high pressure gas, and hydraulics. Some of them mine.

Other: The cascade system on the boat, was hard plumbed with copper tubing made for the job to a manifold, that allowed us to break the bottle bank in to sub units for filling scuba bottles. Usually three zones were plumbed to the fill station and bottles filled off the whip from the manifold to step the pressure from low, to medium, to high. An air powered booster topped the last few lbs on the high pressure dive tanks, if needed. We had 150 ft of umbilical with com line for the two Kirby units we used. We had no compressor aboard, so the bank was charged at the shop/dock. (a long boring job that fell to me often). So the cascade system provided for rapid refills, where a compressor could not. It worked well for us.

Please note: 02 at high pressures is dangerous as a fire accellerant, as is pressurized air, where partial pressure of 02 becomes a concern. They are different only in small level of activity. The pressure alone, beyond the chemical effects, can make for interesting problems, such as PVC airlines, and like ideas that are bad.
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